Spiti Valley Tour Package A perfect retreat to your wanderlust soul

Enormous winding roads and valleys that present the unmatched sight of cool deserts & snow-covered mountains that welcome you in a Tibetan style. Impressive snow-covered mountains adorned with majestic sceneries surrounding it, Spiti Valley is nothing less than a Dream-Destination to explore in Himachal Pradesh. The destination offers the most engrossing vacation that you would have always desired and provided an opportunity to revitalize and relive again. Right from the lush green land looms spread into the vastness to age-old monasteries showcasing the artistic paintings on a canvas, Spiti Valley Tour Package is a great way to uncover its engraved beauty.

Spiti Valley Tour

About Spiti Valley
Bounded with the Himalayas on all sides, Spiti Valley is the most beautiful tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh. For the reason of being resting on an altitude of 12500 feet above the sea level, it receives just 250 days of sunshine throughout the year and thus it is considered as one of the coolest places to visit in India. Suitably a haven on planet earth, it is a great place for adventure seekers, trekkers, and all kinds of travel enthusiasts –


Best time to visit Spiti Valley
The span between May end till October beginning is considered as the best time to visit Spiti Valley because during this time Shimla – Kinnaur highway remains open that makes the valley accessible from anywhere in the country as well as the world. These are the best months to plan the most exciting road trip to the valley. However, in the winter season, this place experiences heavy snowfall when almost all the mountain passes get blocked which makes it impossible for reaching the place
Road Trip to Spiti Valley
If you are truly one who loves thrilling bike rides or car drive journeys, then chasing for a road trip to Spiti Valley would be a great way to enjoy the best of Himachal Pradesh delights. Spiti Jeep Safari offers you a chance to enjoy a road trip from Delhi which is approximately 726.2 kilometers. It takes 17 hours to cover the journey and enjoy mid-way halts to any of your preferred destinations. From Delhi, there are two routes to access Spiti Valley which includes & shopping.
Delhi – Shimla – Spiti Valley
Delhi – Manali – Spiti Valley

Things to do in Spiti Valley –
When you're venturing out for a first-time trip to Spiti Valley, then make sure you will enlist some of the best exciting things to do which surely enhances the travel experience to the fullest. Some of the best amazing things to do in the valley that will enliven your spirits and compel you to visit all over again, these include –

River Rafting

Buddhist monastery visit
Camping in Spiti Valley
Trekking in Spiti Valley
Star Gazing
Yak Safari in Spiti Valley
Visit the world's Highest Post Office in Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley Homestay experience

will it be great to go on for a Spiti Valley tour?

Well, yes it will be the greatest of all time. Through its rough and rugged terrains, Spiti is surely a place to get every perk of life in one place. It experiences extreme climate as you pass through the risky route to reach the destination. People with heavy hearts and adventure soul can plan their best time in the place. Adventure-seeking youngsters and mountain lovers can take a long ride of Spiti bike ride to unplug its real beauty and rawness. For those honeymooners who prefer going on an adventure trail while ditching all the luxuries of heritage places, Spiti is just the one for you! There's no better way to begin a new chapter of life in its soul-soothing ambiance and perfect set up of glittering stars, vast mountains, and colossal sky which make the moments more romantic and perfect. Overall, Spiti Valley is a great place to head out for enjoying the remarkable holidays in India. So, to have a kick-ass holiday trip, it's important to plan a bewitching vacation to indulge in its rich cultural and heritage wealth by booking your Spiti with Manali Tour Package and customize it as per your needs and wants.